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Horizon Abstract in Media, Pennsylvania, specializes in title insurance, insurance settlement services, and recording information. In everything we do, we give the personal service you deserve.

Title Insurance Policy

At Horizon Abstract, we make sure you and your property is protected from claims. As long as you or your heir is in possession of the property, these claims may arise every day. Such claims can range from partial claims, such as outstanding real estate taxes or open mortgages, to full claims, like a missing heir or a forged deed.

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Purchase our title insurance policy for a onetime charge paid at settlement. In Pennsylvania, this one charge covers the title search, settlement fee, owner’s policy, and lender’s policy. Remember that your lender requires that your property has title insurance so they are also protected in the loan. The owner’s policy, on the other hand, shields your equity and gives you peace of mind. Be sure you know the following information:

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Settlement Services

In helping you proceed to a smooth settlement, we supply many services. Please check our many forms we offer.

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Recording Information

Equip yourself with proper technical know-how. For a faster, smoother transaction, we compiled this essential information for you.

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